Friday, January 15, 2010

Progress......or Lack Thereof - January 15, 2010

A week into the New Year's resolutions and some progress has been made, sort of.

Translation: Not one resolution is going completely well, but we're making a dent in all of them.

I don't see this as failure. Life, like New Year's Resolutions, is all about the battle against inertia. As long as you're making progress in the right direction, you're succeeding!

Let's start with the Christmas decorations. I tackled the house and packed up all the ribbons and bows, the wrap and the tape, the tree and the decorations, the lights and the ornaments, the tablecloth and the assorted decorations around the house. I thought I had this one finished last week when I saw, today, a ratty piece of artificial holly that was masquerading as mistletoe, hanging from my front hallway light. Well, it won't take a moment to finish off this resolution.

I moved the dusty exercise equipment most of us won't admit to having from a remote corner of the basement to right in front of my hobby area and pointed towards a television. First workout went great. Now both the exercise equipment and the hobby area are collecting dust. This week is not over yet, so there is still hope.

I bought a curtain rod for the planned curtains in the office - I don't know if I can legitimately call that progress.

I've applied to more jobs over the last week and contacted many in my network about a possible job, so now I wait and see. I'm also cooking up a Plan B if all else should fail.

Still, life is great. My family is healthy and full of love. I have a few great friends and caring neighbours. I have no complaints really.

So, I hope you look at the struggles in your life and see, not the distance to the goal, but the strides you've made already to get there and smile as a result.

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