Saturday, November 14, 2009

A stitch in time

It's been a busy few weeks. There are two items, both involving stitches, that I wanted to capture here.

The first is a quilt I am making. I started it years ago, but I'm determined to finish it for Christmas. It will be a quilt for my grandmother. I really don't like the individual quilt blocks, but when you put it together and step back, the bigger picture gets quite interesting. The colours for the most part are very bold, but that was deliberate. My grandmother is legally blind but has some very limited vision and she has trouble now distinguishing colours. One of the fabrics is one I've held on to for years waiting to use. It's a duplicate of my baby blanket, and while I'm not sure, I think my grandmother was the one who gave the baby blanket to me. Now, I just have to stay focused and get it done in the next 5 weeks.

The second is a project I've been working on for me. I've had some moles on my face that started getting larger and I have already had cancer in my life before, so I decided to not take any chances and asked to have them removed. Last Tuesday was the surgery. My wonderful husband was allowed to stay with me the whole time as it was outpatient work done in the office in the hospital for the surgeon I had. Still, I didn't expect the removal of 4 moles to result in almost 16 stitches! My face is tender to say the least. I won't know for a few weeks if any of the 4 are in fact cancerous. If they are, I'll have to go back for more surgery, but I'm staying optimistic and I know I've probably caught it early even if it is the worst case. I'm willing to exchange a few scars for the piece of mind that the moles are gone.

Life is never boring - that's for sure.