Thursday, December 1, 2011

A dent in the plans

Well, life does not always go as planned. I kind of knew this day was coming, but reality feels a little weirder than I thought.

I am being scheduled for surgery to remove part of my thyroid. The doctors are treating me under the assumption I have cancer because my thyroid is so large it has paralyzed one of my vocal chords. My surgeon said, while not impossible to have the vocal chord paralyzed and NOT be cancer, he's only ever seen cancer as the cause. The fact that this is "urgent" surgery, means I'm likely looking at a February date for the surgery. The good news is even if this turns out to be cancer, thyroid cancer is usually 98% survival rate.

Needless to say, getting some of my UFO's done this week has been challenging, but I'm determined to not wallow in self pity. So, no progress to date, but I'm thinking tonight might be the night to get going on things.